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Meet Farrah


Farrah is the founder of CQ, LLC, an organizaton providing hands-on, in-person consultng for the

cannabis industry. CQ, LLC specializes in supporting cannabis business owners identify and overcome the problems hindering them from reaching their full potential and ultimately playing a positive role in the evolution of the cannabis industry.

Starting out as a part time dispensary agent more than 8 years ago, Farrah was quickly promoted to management because of her passion and drive for the industry. She has become an industry expert and spent three and a half years as the Senior Director of Training for a nationally recognized cannabis industry education and employment company. She has worked with superior organizations including Nature's Own Wellness Center,  Durango Organics, Kinfolk Farms, and Eureka Vapor. She has worked tirelessly to help expand the training available for cannabis industry employees as well as patients and consumers nationwide. 

Farrah has also participated in industrial cultivation, and she was part of a team that launched a seed project, planting over one hundred seeds and creating clones to bring fresh cultivars into the market. Her unique approach to cannabis education is inspired by her passion for the plant, and by the rewards from connecting with and inspiring her students. Her desire to make the industry a better version of itself is bolstered through professional education based on science and experience, and her goal of ensuring safe access for everyone.

Farrah gets real on industry issues as a host of  The Cannabis Closet Potcast w/ CannaQueen & MJ, and has taken advantage of social media to increase her reach to those that want to learn more about Cannabis but don't know where to start. 

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