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Colorado Responsible Vendor Training

The Responsible Vendor Training Program provides foundational training regarding the dispensing of regulated marijuana and marijuana products.

Program Coverage

The program coverage includes, but is not limited to:

  • Learning to recognize signs of medicine abuse or adverse events in the medical use of marijuana by a patient.

  • The proper use of security measures and controls that have been adopted by the dispensary for the

  • prevention of diversion, theft or loss of medical marijuana;

  • Confidentiality requirements of a dispensary;

  • Instruction on the different forms, methods of administration, and strains of medical marijuana:

  • Instruction on qualifying conditions for medical marijuana patients;

  • Authorized uses of medical marijuana in the treatment of qualifying conditions;

  • Instruction regarding regulatory inspection preparedness and law enforcement interaction;

  • Awareness of the legal requirements for maintaining status as a licensed dispensary employee

About the Course

Time Commitment: 3+ hours learning & study.

Passing Grade: 70% or more

Exam Format: The  exam is a 30 question multiple-choice test which is administered online. Each candidate is permitted two attempts to achieve the passing grade. 

Certificate of success: Once you have achieved a passing score you will be able to print out your own RVT certificate, demonstrating your knowledge, compliance and credibility in the Colorado cannabis industry. 

Cost for classroom program: $99 per student

Cost for online program: $75 per student 

Why RVT is important
  • Complies with Colorado state law and regulations

  • Training for employees to operate compliantly within a cannabis operation

  • Helps with insuring best possible patient and customer experience

  • Mitigate risk for you and your business

  • Promotes best practices and enhances public health and safety

  • Provides employee development training and increases retention

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