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Responsible Vendor Training 


CQ LLC now provides approved Responsible Vendor Training to Colorado licensed operators. We offer classroom, on demand and online training options. 

Why Responsible Vendor Training is Important

  • Complies with Colorado state laws and regulations

  • Training for employees to operate compliantly within a retail cannabis operations

  • Mitigate risks for you and your business

  • Promotes best practice and enhances public health and safety


Our aim is to become your trusted training partner.

For more than 10 years, Farrah Vorhauer and the team at CQ LLC have delivered impactful training to cannabis license operators. No area of cannabis is off-limits; from compliance, best practice, adherence to standards, to managing an efficient cannabis operation.

CQ LLC helps your business achieve its goals.


CQ's unique approach to cannabis education is inspired by a passion for the plant, and the rewards from connecting with, and inspiring students. Our vision is to make the industry a better version of itself through professional education based on science and experience and ensuring safe access for everyone.


CQ LLC is available for all your Cannabis Industry needs 

  • Individual to In House Education, & Regulation Awareness

  • Facility Consulting & Rescue

  • Design and Marketing needs

  • Responsible Vendor Training

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